• Create 12th grade transition courses for students not quite prepared for college-level work.
Summary from Bill Moore, Director of the Core to College Alignment project at the SBCTC (October 8, 2014):
1) with our new College Spark grant we're pilot-testing the math transition course currently and finalizing the course approach for the English by the end of the month;
2) we're working closely with OSPI to recruit districts with HS teachers interested in piloting units from the English course between January and June 2015 so we can test out the materials as we're doing with math, and at the same time
3) we're promoting the courses to K-12 districts through key groups and associations this fall, working to recruit a cohort of districts willing to offer math and/or English in the 2015-16 school year.

On the higher ed side of things, we're
4) pulling together a CTC implementation work group to identify and address the local logistical issues we need to deal with at our colleges in terms of accepting Smarter Balance scores, and
5) we're starting to work with our 2- and 4-year faculty contacts in math and English from the Core to College initiative to build understanding of and confidence in the transition courses, i.e., that based on the content and standards addressed students will in fact be college-ready if they're successful.

As it stands right now, the CTC system has agreed in principle on the courses serving as a way for students not scoring college-ready on the grade 11 assessment to get the same placement offer as level 3 students if they complete the courses with a B or better. The public baccalaureates did not include that offer as part of their agreement, although I think there are at least a couple that are closer to the CTC position than some of the others .For both systems, though, we need visible faculty engagement and support with the courses this year in order to firm up and finalize that portion of the CTC system agreement and have any baccalaureate institutions willing to do so join us.