Dual Credit Workgroup

As part of the work of implementing the Roadmap action item, “Streamline and expand dual-credit and dual-enrollment programs to create a statewide dual-credit system available to all high school students”, the Washington Student Achievement Council is convening a Dual Credit workgroup. WSAC is inviting participation on the workgroup from SBE, OSPI, SBCTC COP, ICW, WTECB, AWSP, and the Washington Student Association, as well as representatives from a few individual universities, colleges, and high schools.

The purpose of the Dual Credit Workgroup is to review existing policies and practices and make recommendations to:

  1. Provide clear information about each option in ways that empower high school students to choose the option best suited to their goals and schedules.
  2. Provide low-cost options for high school students and their families.
  3. Ensure adequate funding for high schools and postsecondary institutions to maintain high-quality options.
  4. Increase the availability of all options to more high school students.
  5. Streamline processes for obtaining postsecondary credit.

The Dual Credit Workgroup will meet in March, May, July and September of 2014.

For meeting details, workgroup member roster and other detailed information, please visit the

Dual Credit Workgroup wiki at www.wa-dualcredit.wikispaces.com or contact Noreen Light at nlight@wsac.wa.gov